Sunday, 30 October 2011

Christmas Cake.....

Well its been a year and wonderful autumn has returned.  The cold nights are creeping in and the clocks have gone back.
Last week the (early) Christmas preparations began when I baked this years cake!  As always I start with Delia's recipe but swapped out the ingredients...sultanas for raisins, cranberries for glace cherries, dates for currants.  I normally add a cocktail of whatever booze is in the house but this year was classic...just whisky and brandy! And every 2 weeks the cake is fed with a couple of teaspoons of spirits.  The cake comes out moist and lighter in colour than those full of treacle and molasses...that's just my preference.  Below you can see last years effort...this time I'm on the lookout for edible glitter! I'm hoping for a really camp gold cake!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

One week to go...

The countdown to our stall at the Brick Lane UpMarket has begun....we will be there next Sunday 12th December and the following Sunday 19th.  I'm frantically getting everything finished...there's going to be brooches, hair-clips, headbands, egg cosies, earrings, rings and phone covers.  All in a handmade, vintage style.   
Its been a hard few weeks to be focused, what with the epic snow and Christmas preparations.  Today was the day the tree went up...its gold and burgundy and the hand made decorations turned out a treat.  The dried orange slices were simple, 3 hours in low oven, and then sprayed gold and threaded with ribbon.  Lovely. 
I've been wrapped in sheepskin during the cold weather and have purchased some crazy hats to fight off the arctic wind.  Pics to come next time...

Sunday, 14 November 2010

South London Gallery

I took a trip over to Peckham to visit the South London gallery that opened this summer.  The building is wonderful and of the two current exhibitions one is interesting and one is a little dodgy!!
But its worth the trip for the cafe alone...the food was yummy and the cakes looked awesome, the goats cheese sandwich and Spanish breakfast come highly recommended!
Most of all I appreciate places to visit outside of town where you can spend a nice afternoon tourist-crowd free.

As its a dark and rainy day I'm mostly investigating home-made Christmas decorations today...the theme is looking to be gold and burgundy with lots of natural orange slices and pine cones edged with gold.  But coloured or white lights??? retro or modern??....I'm leaning towards retro...

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Brick Lane Upmarket

This week I booked a stall at the Brick Lane Upmarket with some lovely friends.  We will be selling on Sunday the 12th and 19th of December!! There will be a selection of knitted things......accessories, hats, mittens and toys.  So do come along to visit us....put the date in your Diary!  For anyone that hasn't been its a great place to get some unusual Christmas gifts.
The details of the market can be found here:

I'm really looking forward to the market and to Christmas.  This year is going to be a hand made Christmas.  I've already tackled the cake and this week marked the first feeding of the cake!  I've taken the brandy route and am going with a couple of teaspoons every couple of weeks...I reckon it should be pretty boozy by December!  There will be pics when its iced!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

New things!

I now have some pictures posted on my shop page, although I'm still knitting furiously to make lots more things for Christmas!
Items can be made to order and are available in other colours so please mail me!

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween........

Autumn is pretty much the best part of the year and Halloween is one of my highlights!!  Last night, late as usual, I foolishly ran the whole way to the train dressed as a corseted vampire...corsets may make you look great but I'll take being able to breathe any day!!! I also ordered some great make-up and fake blood from Screenface....most recommended!
Today has been lovely, with lots of people over for a Halloween roast.  My boyfriend and I carved pumpkins.....they pretty much sum us up....can you guess which is which?
Now for laying on the sofa and knitting some phone covers.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Hats and capes.......

Here is the very long cape from Vintage had an outing last night to Aqua Bar and I realised too late that long sleeves or gloves are essential in this weather! 
But it gave me a spooky vampire shadow in the street lights which I loved, being a closet goth and all......
I also took this weekend to make a little baby hat for some friends who have just had a little girl.  Its a nice cashmere mix wool and its rather cute....just hoping it fits now! xx